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The thing about the star meeting is that what is said could be listened to or viewed over and over thanks to the internet. All these celebs probably could never have envisioned that a single interview might result in something they want they could return.
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From Charlie Sheen and his obsession with Tiger’s Blood and other unusual items to R. Kelly and his infamous recent interview, these famous folks are just the tip of this cringy interview iceberg.
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Included here are 13 of the most awkward, horrifying and cringeworthy celebrity interviews !

[embedded content]1. Courtney LoveWhen? Courtney Love crashed an interview which MTV’s Kurt Loder was conducting with Madonna. A clearly shifted Love threw a make up streamlined that nearly hit both the interviewer and the Material Girl herself, as chronicled in Rolling Stone magazine. Subsequently the”Celebrity Skin” rocker grew up the staircase to the loft overlooking the 1995 MTV VMAs and joined the chat. The”Like a Virgin” singer said,”Courtney Love is in desperate need of attention right now.” She made a crack on Love’s medication usage. Madonna was eventually pulled off the stage.Response in the entire world: It made headlines, but the people seemed to shrug it off as Courtney being Courtney. Her Response? [embedded content]2. Farrah FawcettWhen? 1997Why so cringeworthy? The icon was visiting David Letterman and made talk show history for all the wrong reasons. Farrah Fawcett may have been seated across from Letterman on his iconic talk series, but she seemed to be mentally far, far away. She had been late on account of the simple fact that there were”people, lots of people.” Afterward, as CNN chronicled, the pop culture icon seemed to get lost in the New York City facade, which is the set behind Letterman. She told Letterman,”Wow. I truly thought I had been looking from the window. She did not ever bring this up, but the icon certainly was aware enough throughout the actual Q&A to point out to Letterman,”You’re making fun of me”
[embedded content]3. Ben AffleckWhen? 2004Why so cringeworthy? Ben Affleck requested an interviewer to do the Q&A topless! Not merely did he state that people could”like the series better if you did it topless” and that he found that”you generally show much more cleavage than that,” but he was also physically all over the reporter.Her Response? Years later, when asked about the awkward meeting, Losique actually defended the Oscar winner stating that the entire thing was taken out of context. She told E! News,”Nothing improper actually happened. I never felt at one point uncomfortable and I never felt at any given point it was improper, and when I had felt that, really honestly I wouldn’t have lasted.” [embedded content]4. Tom CruiseWhen? 2005Why so cringeworthy? Tom Cruise jumped over an iconic talk show host sofa declaring that he had been”in love” with Katie Holmes. The adoring leap left a seismic mark on pop culture. Cruise was on the show to promote his own Steven Spielberg film, War of the Worlds. Instead, the chat became about his love affair with Holmes while treating the couch like a trampoline.Response in the entire world: Inspired by the lack of a dent in his box office receipts, the worldwide community just shrugged it off as celebrity being Cruise. After all, the Scientologist was not famous for being ordinary.His Response? He explained he wouldn’t take back a thing, as chronicled in The Hollywood Reporter. After all, love does make us do crazy things. It is possible that the couch jumping made Cruise popular.
[embedded content]5. Jerry Seinfeld has been interviewed by Larry King (who worked for CNN at the time) and the journalist mentioned something about Seinfeld’s iconic series being cancelled. Seinfeld was not cancelled. In reality, the superstar comic walked out of his series when it was still the best rated comedy on tv. The comic appeared to be majorly offended by this. Seinfeld said,”You think I got cancelled? Is this CNN? Geez, can we receive my resume ? “How would the world react to the meeting? The legendary newsman, in his later years, was not immune to a questionable inquiries. However, some felt that Seinfeld had overreacted by phoning out King and making it a big deal. Others, such as Reuters, sided with the comic and named that moment as one of Larry King’s worst interview minutes. [embedded content]6. The KardashiansWhen? 2011Why so cringeworthy? Barbara Walters was interviewing the Kardashian clan in the end of 2011 within her yearly look in the 10 most fascinating people of the year. The trailblazing journalist declared the lack of talent in the throw of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kris Jenner — and brothers Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian — clearly did not agree. Following Walters’ comment, you can hear a pin drop! She added,”You do not really act; you do not sing; you do not dance. You do not have any, forgive me, any talent.” Khloe defended her entire family and their series,”But we are still amusing men and women. The family told Walters’ manufacturers that nothing newsworthy would happen before the special aired. Wrong! You can’t expect the Kardashians.”
[embedded content]7. Charlie SheenWhen? 2011Why so cringeworthy? The 2011 Good Morning America interview spawned a famous phrase for Sheen,”winning” It was also among the very first hashtags that could go viral. Listening to the meeting with Andrea Canning, it’s clear the soon-to-be-fired from Two and a Half Men star was anything but winning. He confessed to using a continuous diet of tiger blood and described himself in the most uncommon of ways. “I am on a medication. It is named Charlie Sheen,” he told Canning because he issued a warning. “It is not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt and your children will weep on your burst body” The journalist seemed worried for the celebrity, even inquiring at a point if he had been bi-polar. He responded,”I’m bi-winning. I triumph here, I triumph there. Sheen’s recently created Twitter account set a Guinness World Record for quickest to a million followers (at the time), according to Huffington Post. For some time after this interview, his millions of followers fawned over what he explained. Among his gems was,”I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a 7-year-old. That’s how I explain myself” and, obviously, the one about the infamous blood of a specific jungle cat. “The critters of the world have issued an apology to Charlie Sheen. In a written statement,’please forgive us for being such blatant impostors. Obviously you, Mr. Sheen, possess the sole real tiger blood in the known universe.’ And they’d been cautioned.” [embedded content]8. Justin BieberWhen? Justin Bieber sometimes does not handle the pressures of fame with absolute grace. Remember when he destroyed a paparazzi’s camera (or battled him)? He predicted into Mojo in the Morning because the”Sorry” singer had an issue with his brand new music being in comparison with Justin Timberlake’s. “Man, that’s crazy’cause our voices sound nothing alike. I mean, I’m not trying to sound like anyone. Saying I seem like somebody else isn’t really a compliment. … I think if you were to say I heard some Justin Timberlake-esque things on your sound I would take that as a compliment,” he said, according to MTV News. Hey, there are artists to be in comparison to… but alas, things got worse when the radio character asked,”Do you fret about Harry Styles around your mother, since he likes older girls?” Bieber snapped,”I think you should be worried about me around your mom, bro.” The sound listeners (and that radio host) discovered next was Bieber’s dial tone.His Response? Not much. For what it’s worth, the DJ went Twitter to state he had been suspended over the episode.
[embedded content]9. Jesse EisenbergWhen? The interviewer, Romina Puga of Univision, requested Jesse Eisenberg to do a card trick on cue and asked him to state her name into the camera. The celebrity of You See Me took crime, stating that it made him feel like a trained monkey. He probably should have noticed that”say my name” request a mile away — after all, the name of Puga’s series is Say My Name with Romina. From the get-go, the meeting was stressed. She referred to Morgan Freeman as Freeman, to which Eisenberg said,”Freeman? What are you on a baseball team ?” However, the awkwardness was just getting started, and he called her the Carrot Top of interviewers for writing notes on her hand. The Social Network celebrity also utilized her interview period to inquire how the material was likely to be utilized. When asked to state her name, Eisenberg uttered it quietly. She requested him to state it like he was looking for her in a bunch. He testily responded,”The thing is I actually did not wish to find you.” Clearly upset, Puga retorted with”You’re such a jerk. Nothing. Another day in the office for your actor.Her Response? [embedded content]10. “What Super Bowl ad?” Jackson responded. Turns out Jackson was not in an ad, but Laurence Fishburne was! The reporter had to know he was in to this when Jackson began his reply with,”Oh, hell no more…” — oh no. Whoever has seen Jackson in any of his roles or interviews knows he can light off like a firecracker when triggered like he had been by Rubin. “There’s more than one black man doing a commercial,” Jackson ignored at Rubin because Rubin clearly squirmed.His Response? Rubin apologized profusely throughout the interview and attempted to move on, but Jackson was ticked, and the entire interview was massively off the railings. After the televised part of the interview, Rubin publicly apologized and stated,”I’m very embarrassed about it.”
[embedded content]11. Dakota Johnson & Melanie GriffithWhen? 2015Why so cringeworthy? Most everybody can identify with the need to yell,”Mom!” sometimes. But most people aren’t ashamed by mother on the red carpet of the Academy Awards… with countless millions of people watching! As OK! Chronicled, Dakota Johnson and her mother, Melanie Griffith, had stopped by to chat with journalist Lara Spencer. The reporter asked Griffith if she’d seen Fifty Shades of Grey. The veteran performer said that though she encouraged her daughter’s decision to do the film, she could not watch it due to this graphic nudity and sex. Johnson added,”I do not think it would be odd. I think, 1 day, perhaps it is possible to see it” Her mum’s face said it all. Johnson was not pleased in the slightest. She then snapped, “Alright! You do not need to see it. Jesus Christ. Nothing! Either side of the matter probably wanted this item to fade away. [embedded content]12. Ariana GrandeWhen? 2015Why so cringeworthy? She predicted the host out about being sexist when he made a comment about all girls loving their makeup and phones. Grande immediately cracked,”Can this men assuming that is what girls would need to pick between?” The host dug a hole and said,”Ladies, learn!” The”Bang Bang” singer’s chin shouldn’t have dropped that far because she quickly retorted,”Boys, understand. Boys and girls, we could all learn.”
[embedded content]13. R. KellyWhen? 2019Why cringeworthy? There are train wrecks, and then there’s R. Kelly. It was the very first interview the singer had awarded since his most recent rates of sexual misconduct — aggravated criminal sexual assault involving minors. As chronicled in The Washington Post, the”I Think I Can Fly” hitmaker hovered over the host as he screamed at the camera,”I have been assassinated, buried alive! But I’m alive!” He continued,”I did not do that stuff. This isn’t me! I’m fighting my f–king life! You’re all trying to kill me” After the subject of this doc Surviving R. Kelly came up, he said,”They had been describing Lucifer. I’m not Lucifer. I’m a man; I make errors. But I’m not a devil and by no way am I myself a monster. “Response in the entire world: If emptying his name was his goal, yelling in the exact public was not the way to go.His Response? He thought it went well. Fox News reported that the”Bumpn’ Grind” singer’s team floated the notion of a follow-up interview at a later date. The journalist noted that the singer’s team felt that their client arrived off as”passionate” and that’s a fantastic thing.Her Response? The veteran journalist was not afraid for her safety and wished to keep the meeting moving. “My sole motivation in the point was,’Please do not let him depart.’ I really did believe it had been a breakdown. He was so mad. He moved from zero to two to some six to an eight to a 12. All right before my eyes” “I think people were surprised that in this moment I did not run out of the room,” she told the Washington Post.

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