Lady Patricia Heaton is back with”Carol’s Second Act,” and opening up to emmy magazine concerning why she joined the CBS humor.
Jack Guy/emmy magazine
Heaton revealed after her hit show”The Heart” ended in 2018 and her four sons left the nest, she wondered,”What now?”
She took a little time for herself, and attempted still-life painting, golf with her husband David Hunt, and humanitarian work with World Vision International, but finally gravitated toward acting again.
Patricia confessed she”just couldn’t do another mother” role.
Jack Guy/emmy magazine
The show is all about a 50-year-old divorced woman chasing her dream to become a doctor. Parenting isn’t the focus of the series, although she is a mother.
Patricia hopes”to provide older people encouragement their wisdom and experience are invaluable, and they can be contributing to their own community.”
Jack Guy/emmy magazine
She told the magazine,”What we’re talking about is: What is that thing you are likely to do when you’ve completed the things you’re supposed to perform?”
Heaton went on,”You got married. You had a profession. You’d children. But what’s another thing? That I guess is really where my connection stage to Carol is. I feel like at age 61, I have more chances now than I have ever had.”
In a distinctive behind-the-scenes video in the emmy mag photo shoot, Patricia revealed she has even picked up a brand new ability since joining the show.
“I am producing on it, so I have been studying the scripts… I find producing to be part of my second act because it is my first time producing a show for myself or anyone. Once it had gone through many drafts I’d only ever seen a script. That’s been a great method for me to watch how some stories evolve, watch the writers’ process, be a part of this.”